Making Your Decision

2018-19 Process Overview

Making flexibility decisions for your school should be a collaborative process that includes attending training, getting feedback from your staff, and reviewing your options carefully.
2018-19 Process Overview.

Strategic Planning

Flexibility decisions should be made in consideration of your school’s existing priorities and focus areas and should be made collaboratively with your school leadership team. This approach will help you think through the needs of your students as well as your internal capacity so that you can make the best choice for your school. Strategic Planning.

Central Office Support Roles

Various teams, including your Instructional Superintendent, Academic Teams, and the Flexibility Team are available to support your school through the decision-making process. Central Office Support Roles.

Flexibility Decision Form

All flexibility decisions must be submitted through the Flexibility Decision Form by February 2nd, 2018. Flexibility Decision Form.

Quality Assurance

Schools that decline to opt-in to district resources will be required to attend a transition meeting to ensure they are equipped to implement their resource successfully. Quality Assurance.