Central Office Support Roles

Role of the Instructional Superintendent

The role of the Instructional Superintendent in the flexibility decision process is to coach and support the school leader through making informed decisions and, subsequently, implementing his/her selected resources. The IS does not approve flexibility decisions, but should coach the school leader in three key phases of the flexibility process:

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More details on the role of the IS are available in the Equity and Opportunity: School as the Unit of Change theory of action.

Role of Academic Teams

As subject matter experts in the areas of curriculum, assessment, and professional learning, support teams from Curriculum and Instruction, Assessment, Research, and Evaluation, and the Professional Learning Center act to provide school leaders and Instructional Superintendents with the necessary guidance, training, and resources to make informed decisions. All general questions should be directed to the flexibility inbox, which is monitored by the Flexibility Team.

Role of the Flexibility Team

The Flexibility Team, which is part of the Portfolio Management Team, manages the flexibility decision-making process, including the creation of resources and training materials, as well as the flexibility decision form and the decision data. While members of the Flexibility Team are not content experts in the flexibility areas (curriculum, professional learning, and assessment), they act as the primary owners of the work to ensure collaboration across different departments and a smooth user experience for school leaders. Furthermore, the Flexibility Team serves as a neutral party to ensure the integrity of the flexibility decision-making process, in consideration of our belief that schools are the unit of change. All general questions should be directed to the flexibility inbox.