Strategic Planning

Making Decisions in Alignment with the Needs of your School

School leaders should make Universal Flexibility decisions in alignment with their school’s strategic plan to ensure the decisions they make reflect the direction and priorities of the school. As part of this process, school leaders are advised to review their strategic plans, as well as other existing planning documents (UIP, innovation plans, intensive school snapshots, etc.) and evaluate the ways in which the District options, available through the Universal Flexibility process, do or do not support the school’s priorities. School leaders can use the School Step-Back Guide to conduct a school scan, which includes analyzing current school data trends and adjusting priorities based on these trends. After reviewing and, if needed, revising the school’s priorities, school leaders should engage their leadership teams around Universal Flexibility decisions and carefully consider the capacity of both the leadership team and the school staff to implement new resources and/or programs. Additionally, school leaders should review their enrollment projections and budget. All of these strategic planning steps should inform the leadership team’s discussions and decisions regarding Universal Flexibility.

strat planning


School leaders should use this Strategic Planning Support Guide which includes several key questions, organized by the key school improvement levers identified by the district, that you may want to consider when deciding whether to opt-in or decline to opt-in to district-supported resources.