In 2017-18, school leaders will be able to opt-in or decline to opt-in to the following district-supported READ Act and local assessment options:



Assessment Resources

Next Steps

Receiving/Purchasing Assessments

Opt-In: Schools that have opted-in to local interim/READ Act assessments will receive supports provided by ARE. ARE will be reaching out to schools in early March with more information.

Decline to Opt-In: The flexibility team will be in touch to schedule a transition meeting for schools who have declined to opt-in to the district-supported assessment options.

Devolvement Funds will be deposited into school budgets during Fall Adjustment 2017. In March, finance will communicate the amounts that schools can expect to receive so that they can budget and plan accordingly. Schools may purchase replacement resources with their 2016-17 budget knowing that these costs will be offset once devolvement funds are received in during fall adjustment 2017.

Schools that have declined to opt-in to district resources can work with strategic sourcing to purchase an assessment. ARE will be connecting schools with one another, as well as with strategic sourcing/vendors based on the identified replacement assessment. Schools can then work together in terms of purchasing and implementation strategies. Schools must ensure that student data privacy laws are met as per district guidance.