Small Group Instruction

In order to equitably support students who are below grade level in math, the District has set aside 2012 Mill Levy funding to implement small group instruction in math across all schools. Allocation of the 2012 Mill Levy funds is tiered to support students who are behind grade level in math in our highest need schools. Subsequently, to support the implementation of a small group instruction math program, for 2018-19, schools will be allocated the following per pupil funding for students in grades 3-9 scoring Did Not Yet Meet or Partially Met on 2017 CMAS Math:

  • Schools in Intensive or Pathways Tiers: $1,300.00
  • Schools in Strategic or Universal Tiers: $650.00

As part of the 2018-19 Universal Flexibility process, school leaders will be able to opt-into or decline to opt-into the following district-supported small group instructions options:


Small Group Instruction Resources