Training Center

Recorded Screencasts and Webinars

We have put together recorded screencasts which will allow you to learn more about the Universal Flexibility process and the menu of options. We encourage you to share these screencasts with members of your staff who will be supporting you in the decision-making process.

Turn-Key Presentation

We encourage you to engage your school leadership team and your community in making flexibility decisions. Please download and adjust this turn-key presentation to meet the needs of your school.

Turn-Key Presentation


Consultations are 1:1 meetings that provide school leaders with differentiated support from subject matter experts on specific Universal Flexibility options. These meetings will be held at central locations and, whenever possible, in alignment with January network meetings. While school leaders can sign-up for flexibility consultations at any of the offered times and locations, for consultations offered at network meetings, priority will be given to school leaders in that network.

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